Talking with Juan Otero

Wonderful interview with Juan Otero who spent part of his childhood in foster care. This talented song writer is full of wisdom!


Ever wonder what inspires some of the songs you listen to? Many of the songs you hear on the radio today are written by relatively unknown songwriters. Juan Otero has written various songs such as the Newsboys’ Born Again and Audio Adrenaline’s Kings and Queens. I recently spoke with Juan about his life story, his history with dc Talk, and his current project. But before we get to the interview, please watch this short video clip.

Closure from Closure Movement on Vimeo.


Gabe: So tell me a little bit about yourself… What did you grow up listening to?

Juan: I grew up listening to a lot of pop music because I grew up as a dancer. So growing up into dance, I was really into Michael Jackson when I was a kid. Growing up in Michigan, my dad listened to a lot of Bob Seger. So I…

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