Eating the Leftovers

Daughter Ania and I headed home from the Winsome Retreat Sunday afternoon.We somehow missed an important turn and ended up on scenic route full of switch backs. When I finally saw a sign that read five miles to Frostburg (eldest daughter’s home), I told Ania, “never mind, we’ll just follow this into town and get on the interstate there.”  That’s what I do when I get lost, find another way, don’t you?

ania and mom
Ania and me



The retreat was wonderful. Great conversations. Great speakers. Hiking. Eating. Conversing. Worshipping. Then it was over and we were back in our cars and going back to where we came from. Or were we? We did make it home, our point of origin, but I feel as if we left some parts of ourselves behind. And it made me think, we don’t go home from a retreat the way we came. Each time we told our story to one another, we gave a piece of ourelves. We were overcoming by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony. And we each have a story. A plot. Times of decision. Times of mourning. Times of rejoicing. Times of residing in the pit. Times of climbing on the peaks. And each time we share, we lighten our load and the loads of others. We say, “me too!” What powerful words.

Winsome kim and Me
Kathleen (me) and Kim Hyland
Kathleen (me) and Dalonna Gibbs


Now that I’m home and back to the routine of prayer, schooling, cleaning up the kitchen, checking social media, I feel lighter. Refreshed. Yet, hesitant. Cautious.  I love the prayer at the retreat asking the seed to go deep into the ground and not stay at the surface. Growth happens in the dark, deep recesses of the soil. It happens alone.  So, I am searching. Searching my journal for those precious notes taken during each session. I read them again. I note them. Talk about them.

Four things I gleaned this week from the leftovers scrawled on my journal pages. You can find more info about the speakers at the Winsome Retreat speaker’s page here. Speakers are linked below. Click on their names to visit their sites.

1. Holley Gerth

We live in a world that if we don’t have a dream, somebody else will give us one, their’s instead of our God-sized dream.

2. Dalonna Gibbs

A goal is something you can do by your own strength. A dream is not.

You cannot take someone else’s version of the truth about you at truth, you must know God’s truth about you. (Study the Word.)

3. Deidra Riggs

God made only one you. Only you can be you. (I’m twirling right nowI)

4. Kim Hyland

Nobody can tell you who you are but Jesus.

Law without grace drives one to rebellion or squishes you.

These are just some tiny nuggets of notes. Do you have any leftovers this week?

Winsome book table


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8 thoughts on “Eating the Leftovers

  1. I see you’ve written a book about adoption like me! 🙂 I am adding it to my reading list! I love reading how God brings families together. I’m so glad you were refreshed at the retreat. I’m speaking at an event in Kansas on Saturday and I can’t wait to soak up some intentional time with God. Have a great day!

    1. That’s great! I love reading other peoples stories! I will say a prayer for your event and that hearts are touched by your sharing!

  2. It was so great to swap stories with you at the retreat Kathleen! I need to gather up my notes and share the nuggets there were many!

  3. I love the idea of giving ourselves to others when we share our stories. That’s so true – and fosters such community. Sounds like a fabulous weekend. I’m glad you shared and linked up at #ThreeWordWednesday.

  4. Excellent post, Kathleen! I love the thought “that we never go home the way we came” after attending a retreat. So true! My heart was stirred. My mind has new thoughts to churn. I believe that my soul is entering a deeper place – I can feel it. It was such a treat to meet you. Standing next to you for so long yet many “good” distractions leaves me hoping for another encounter with you to hear more first hand about your story. Grateful for YOU and your heart to LOVE!

    1. I loved spending time with you! Thank you for being so encouraging and sharing! I pray that our paths cross again!

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