A quick post

Hello All!

This is Amerey, I was going to write a pretty long blog post for today, but life ended up getting in the way. Running around doing a few unexpected errands with a toddler kept me from sitting down and being able to think clearly. I am sure we have ALL been there. I am going to write a blog post, before the month is out, about autism, and the “dangers” of undiagnosed autism. If you, or a friend of yours, have been thinking that you’re child might be autistic in some way but aren’t sure what to do about it, or fear doing anything at all because of what people say, or the labeling that will come along with it, this post will be for you. Look for it within the next week. It will be here soon!

But for today, I recently watched this video on somebodies facebook. Though it is technically an “ad” it is a wonderful thought provoking video. I feel as if everyone can connect with this video, especially those that have children with autism. After watching this video think about how you’re child acts when they spend a day indoors watching shows or playing video games compared to how they act after spending a day outside running around or jumping in the pool. It is so hard to pull a child away from the tv when it seems to have a calming effect on them. It is well know throughout the autism community that technology is like, and many times helpful, to an autistic child. But I firmly believe that nature can have the same effect on their day as video games. Calming.

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