Three Reasons to Homeschool Your Adopted Child


3 thoughts on “Three Reasons to Homeschool Your Adopted Child

  1. You know, even tho Liam wasn’t adopted, your last point hits with me. When his dad deployed, he had a hard time adjusting to life when he returned. I tried preschool and he had such a hard time there. Once I pulled him out, we still had struggled, but each year I see him growing more and more confident in social situations. Whereas last year we couldn’t do a co-op, this year we can (on a smaller scale, but still!) very good wisdom as usual Kathleen!! Oh and btw, I love the vlog aspect to your blog! Makes me feel like I’m over for coffee!!

    1. Hits with me as in “I can relate to it”, not that it hurts. Lol! I should of chosen better wording! 😄

    2. Thanks, Maria, you make a great point. Children who are struggling with overwhelming stress can also have the same reason to be homeschooled. And…we will add more vlogs soon. Still a work in progress.
      I am so glad that Liam is making progress. Baby steps, right? I understand. We celebrate every victory.

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