Three Reasons to Homeschool Your Adopted Child

3 thoughts on “Three Reasons to Homeschool Your Adopted Child

  1. You know, even tho Liam wasn’t adopted, your last point hits with me. When his dad deployed, he had a hard time adjusting to life when he returned. I tried preschool and he had such a hard time there. Once I pulled him out, we still had struggled, but each year I see him growing more and more confident in social situations. Whereas last year we couldn’t do a co-op, this year we can (on a smaller scale, but still!) very good wisdom as usual Kathleen!! Oh and btw, I love the vlog aspect to your blog! Makes me feel like I’m over for coffee!!

    1. Thanks, Maria, you make a great point. Children who are struggling with overwhelming stress can also have the same reason to be homeschooled. And…we will add more vlogs soon. Still a work in progress.
      I am so glad that Liam is making progress. Baby steps, right? I understand. We celebrate every victory.

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