Jewelry Rack DIY

I started unpacking from our beach vacation and ran into the same issue I have had for years-storing my jewelry. I really had no where to store it without it getting tangled. I had tried my closet doors and jewelry box. Everything just got into a tangled mess. So….I dug into my old barn wood pile, got out the old knobs I had been saving for a project, a tape measure and some Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue. I just followed these simple steps.

  1. Clean the board with a wire brush.
  2. Measure the board and determine where to put the knobs. My board was 49 inches long and I had six knobs. I wasn’t concerned about being perfect, so I rounded off to 48 and divided it by  6. I marked every 7 inches.
  3. I painted the board Duck Egg Blue.


and measured again to be sure.


4.Hubby drilled the holes for me (next time, I may do it myself). We put the knobs in and TADA. A jewelry rack to hold my necklaces!


Linking up with Kristin Hill Taylor for Three Word Wednesday. Join us!


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