Dear Son or Daughter

Dear Son or Daughter,

I see you tangled out there in the web of the world, not sure where to turn or what to believe. You learned the scripture at a mother’s  knee, reciting Bible quiz cards or copying scripture verses. Remember the time you each make a story book based on a parable? Or the time that you put on the your own Easter program in the backyard complete with a cross with your brother tied on it. There are so many memories. So many days that you thought would last forever. But, they didn’t.

Or maybe you didn’t have the foundation of family. Maybe you have been surviving on your own because the people who were supposed to parent you were never parented themselves. They are stuck in their own stuff and don’t know how to love. So, you grew up feeling unwanted, unloved and alone.

Now, you’re out there in the world, trying to find your footing. Maybe I should have told you it would be cruel and harsh. I should have told you that temptations are so well, tempting. Not everyone was raised full of family and tradition. Some had a rough go and they will take it out on you or ask you to join them deep in the mire of depression. They cover their pain with drugs and alcohol. They don’t go to the feet of the cross.

Some of those people are Christians, or they claim to be. You call them hypocrites and rightly so. They are. Just more wounded wallowing in the world. You join them because you aren’t sure who you are, what you believe. You’re in pain. I can see it on your face, in your eyes. There’s no peace there. No comfort. I want to give you a hug and tell you it will be okay. It’s okay to ask the questions.

Just a reminder or maybe no one ever told you- you’re valuable. You are loved. You are unique. You have a gift to give the world that no one else can. God has given you a purpose. Maybe you don’t factor God into the equation right now. Maybe you have done some things that make you think He won’t forgive. Not true. Maybe you don’t know how to get back. He’s there waiting for you. He will forgive. He loves you right now. Right where you are.

Could you try something? Try it today. It may sound a bit crazy, but do it anyway. Set up two chairs. One for you and one for God. Then sit in yours and talk to Him. He will show up if you will. Just tell Him what’s on your mind. He can handle it.


Once you meet with God, you’ll discover something amazing. You’ll find out He does more than just listen to you; He has a plan–plans to prosper you, give you hope, and always shed light on your great future. But to know these plans you have to stop and listen.”- Bob Beaudine

Could you try it every day for a week? What’s the worst that can happen? I’m going to leave you with these three disruptive questions:

  1. Does God know your situation? YES.
  2. Is it too hard for Him to handle? YES.
  3. Does He have a good plan for you? YES. (From 2 Chairs The Secret That Changes Everything)

I know, it’s hard to believe, the God who created the universe wants to talk to you. He is ready and waiting. He hears your cry. He doesn’t turn a deaf ear to you. When people abandon you and life gets messy, God is present. He’s waiting for you. He loves you.

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