Apple Picking at the Guire Shire


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Yesterday was a perfect day for apple picking. I’ve been a bit under the weather since my vacation trip to SC, too much doing and not enough being. I struggle with this. I want to get ‘er all done, only half the time, I spread my efforts so thin that I don’t accomplish much of anything. Or worse, I fail to be obedient to the call of God on my life that I live in a desert of a dry soul. Then I wake up one morning with a fever and achy joints and ask God, “What am I doing wrong?” Do you hear me dear one? Do you struggle with this too?

Apple picking day was a day of harvest in more ways than one. Those grandkids are a harvest, a joyful bunch. A tangible amazing gift from the Lord. Time with family is a blessing, not something to be fit into the margins of my life. Something high on the priority list. You can’t have family relationships without an investment of time. See how Cecilia lets go of the ladder and reaches up for the apple? That is trust. Trust isn’t free. It costs. The pay out for trust that real is time. Not just time, but connected time. Reading together, talking together, eating together, all the things that God desires to do with us. He desires to spend time with us and in turn we spend time with family, building relationships.

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Aren’t you glad that God’s arms are long? He can reach you wherever you are. I don’t know about you, but I often believe the lie that God doesn’t hear me or that I am out of His reach. Not true. He is here, waiting, longing for you and me to reach out for Him. He hears our prayers. He knows what we need before we even ask, but He wants us to ask. He longs for us to wait on Him. To converse with Him. Talk to Him today. He hears you.

I spent some time yesterday asking a close friend and family members about my life. My God-sized dream. I had to send out some texts saying, ” I can’t do __________.” My desire is to do everything and help everyone. I can’t. When I try, not only is it disobedience to the call on my life, it produces shriveled rotten fruit. Poor health. Cranky attitudes. Frustration that I can’t do what I know I need to do.I rush out of the stall like a leaping calf and then I hit the wall. How about you?

I spent the evening going through an old journal that I wrote at the beginning of the year full of goals and scriptures. The Lord renewed my mind in the way He designed me, the God-sized dream he gave me. How about you? Are you on the fringe of your true God-sized dream because you are afraid? Afraid of disappearing because you aren’t doing what everyone else is? Before you get on someone else’s bandwagon, consider the harvest you want to have. You can’t get apples from an orange tree. You can’t grow fruit if you don’t plant a seed and then cultivate it.

A few questions that I had to ask myself:

  • Is this activity in line with God’s will for my life? (Not, is it a good thing?)
  • Am I making my God-sized dream a priority or is it on the back burner?
  • What am I spending the bulk of my time and energy on? (Hint- it should be your God-sized dream).

When I homeschooled for twenty-one years, it was my God-sized dream for a season, I didn’t have to think about what I was going to spend the bulk of my time on. Now that I am moving into a new season, I’m stumble like a toddler. I get it. I’m there. Together, let’s wait on the Lord, believe He hears your prayer. Write down your God-sized dream, along with some Holy Spirit inspired measurable goals.

From my journal and for you:

I have chosen you, actually picked you out before the foundation of the world. I gave you a purpose. The forces against you are not flesh and blood, but principalities, powers, mights and dominions. They are just using people. Don’t be pushed around or dissuaded from pursuing your purpose. Remember the battle plan.



4 thoughts on “Apple Picking at the Guire Shire

  1. I never realized the fear following me around was a “fear of disappearing” until I read it (and now I’m going to shamelessly steal it, if that’s ok?). God has brought me into a season full of laying down the God-sized purposes of the past, which means stepping down from leading church ministries. It wasn’t until I’d laid them aside that I realized how my view of my worth was associated with those roles (instead of coming from who God says I am). I’ve been hesitant to step into whatever the next purpose is because I was afraid of disappearing to the people that were in my past season (good people that they are), but if they are only interested in my apples when God wants me to harvest oranges I shouldn’t be on their wagon anyways! The people who are meant to stay will love the fruit my life bears regardless of what form they take.

    1. Please do steal my phrase! Share! I completely understand. God is calling me into a new season and I am going kicking and screaming. When we move from visible ministry doing something that we don’t get instant accolades for it says something about us, at least me. It says I have more vanity than I care to admit. Your true friends will support you!

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