Mom Habits 3 Week Course

Are you a Mom? Do you struggle with forming great Mom habits like getting dressed in real clothes and making food? The struggle is real people! We know! We are Moms. The Whole House Team is offering a three week Mom Habit Course starting February 19th.


For each of the three weeks, we will work on two habits.

  • Week One –Get Dressed and Eat Food
  • Week Two- Play and Move
  • Week Three- Plan Stuff and Go on a Date

We can’t promise to change you into a totally different person, what we can do is come along side you and encourage you and offer some tools to help you along the way! Interested? Comment and let us know!

How do you sign up? Comment on this post or message or comment on The Whole House Facebook page.

How will the course be shared?

  • We’ll have weekly videos featuring Kathleen and Amerey (Mom and Daughter).
  • You’ll receive daily emails for the three weeks.
  • You’ll be invited to a private Facebook Group to share the journey with other Moms

I hope you can join us, it’s going to be a fun course!

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