The Office Redo

The Office

I’m a writer. I keep telling myself that. I have an office. Only problem is, my office has been relocated several times in the past few years. Last year, it was housed in my bedroom. Then in moved to a spare room. Then the other spare room. You get the picture. Kind of like my writing career. It sometimes gets misplaced or moved to the back burner. Isn’t it interesting how our outward physical circumstances often reflect our inner thoughts. I often doubt my writing ability or calling. When I do, I feel misplaced and disorganized.


Daughter Amerey is helping me redo my office. Right now, it is messier than I am comfortable with. I can’t find things. I have files everywhere and oh, did I mention, my office is also the guest room. It’s the where-the-babies-take-a-nap when they come over room. If you’re not sure what that means design wise, it means sleigh bed and a pack and play live in the space (that one gets put away, sometimes).

Today, I worked at the dining room table because I couldn’t get comfortable in my office space. I kept getting up and picking up files to put away in the non existent file cabinet. I’m not complaining. I think this circumstance has made me more determined to make a clean, organized space. Amerey and I have come up with some great solutions. They’re going to take some effort and thankfully, not a lot of money.

Shopping in my home

I love projects. I like planning them out. Looking at photos. Idea boards. (I have one for writing, it’s a door I refinished hanging on the wall. Right now, it’s in the other bedroom. That is moving to my ‘new’ office). Another habit I have is shopping in my home. I think it is often a resource that is overlooked.

Sometimes, we hunt for something new when just need something to feel new.

Turn your old things into new things

I love the idea of repurposing things. Sometimes a coat of paint or a new location is all you need to make something feel fresh and new.

The desk above was my mother’s. I painted it with Annie Sloan chalk paint. It had some water damage and hadn’t been treated for years. Now, it looks fresh and new. As, I shopped my house, shared our ideas and plans with my husband, he had the usual she’s at it again face. I am. After taking inventory in my home, I decided, I’m not buying a file cabinet. I have an old writing desk that has large drawers that can store file folders. I have more plans, but I’ll share them as we finish the project. Hopefully I remember to take photos!

As I was shopping in my home, I got excited about painting and moving things around. It’s such an energizing feeling to be creative and I thought of how many times I block that creativity by just buying something. There’s nothing wrong with buying something when its needed, but how often do I just buy instead of try to do it on my own?

How about you? What can you repurpose in your home today?


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