Life is Good!

We’re never going to be free from trials or negative circumstances. In this world, you will have tribulation, Jesus reminds us, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.

Be of good cheer? Really? Life is good. There is always something good going on in life. We just have to look for it. When I was almost bedridden, I asked God to show me good. I needed to see good. The truth is, it was all around me, I just hadn’t noticed it as much before. It was in a rainy afternoon, perfect for reading a book to my kids in front of a roaring fire in the fireplace. It was in a pink sunset I watched from an Adirondack chair on my balcony. It is in the gray morning when birds begin with a song. It is in watching the face of a child when he tells you something important. A good life consists of little moments. It doesn’t consist of perfect circumstances. Each good thing that we store up in our memory give us a treasure. Jesus tell us not to store up treasures where moths can eat them. When we store up memories of beauty and life, a moth cannot get them, neither can circumstances.

Life is good.png

I remember a season when we just couldn’t keep up with our bills. Hubby was working out-of-town, so I got the mail. I hated hearing the mail truck. I didn’t expect good things to come. I knew bills were coming that often gave me a pit in my stomach. The stress made my autoimmune disorders flare up more, so I felt worse. It wasn’t until one day, the Holy Spirit whispered to me – you would be doing the exact thing you are doing today if you didn’t have that bill. I processed that for a while. I even went as far as thinking, if I died today, would that bill matter? I mean, would it affect whether I went to heaven or not. No. Did it change my chores, making dinner, spending time with my kids? Nope. I was still doing all of those things, so I decided to do them with joy. Worrying wasn’t adding anything to my life except a negative mindset and stress. I got some old barn wood and painted two signs. One said Choose and the other says Joy, I hung them over my kitchen sink so I can see them every time I wash dishes.

Maybe a mindset has you trapped. Maybe you want to enjoy your life or just try something new. Maybe God has given you a God-sized dream and you don’t know if you should step out. What sorts of mindsets are holding you back?

  • I’m not good enough.
  • I will never be financially secure.
  • I can’t minister to other women because I am a mess.
  • If you really knew me, you wouldn’t like me.
  • I will always be out of shape.
  • No one wants to hang out with me.

The sad thing about being stuck in a mindset or stronghold is that we literally project those thought on other people. They can read us like a book. When we act as if we are unlovable, then people do not love us the way we need loved. When we don’t let people really know us because we are afraid, they back off from a relationship with us. When we don’t step out in our God-sized dream, then other people are left stuck because we didn’t fufill the call of God on our lives.


  • You are loved. God chose you before the foundation of the world, He actually picked you out as His own to be adopted into His family. (Ephesians 1)
  • You have a purpose. God has given you an inheritance, a destiny, according to His divine will. You have a job to do on this earth.
  • You are loveable because God loves You. You are a new creature. Old things and habits have passed away. All things are new.
  • God will bring to pass in your life what needs to be done. In Him is every good thing. In Him all things consist. In Him consists your new beginning. Your health. Your ability to stick to a healthy lifestyle.

Whenever the lies begin to invade your mind, fight back. Be ready to take every thought captive. Yesterday, I shared some questions you could ask the thought.(Find that here.)

Do you have some strategies for keeping you mindset on track? Please share!

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