When all else fails…

We often use the phrase,”when all else fails _____”. We fill that blank with all kinds of words:

  • Call your Mom
  • Phone a friend
  • Google it
  • Pray

What if we started with faith before all else failed? 

What if we had a plan?

We were on the defensive instead of the offensive?

Sometime, we can go through life with a failure mindset. I’m sometimes guilty of that. What about you? Are you “the sky is falling” kinda gal? An “everything is going to fail anyway” gal? Do you pray and hold your breath for good measure? Do you have a scarcity mindset?

So many times, I pray for energy and grace to make it through a difficult day. God answers me. He provides what I need, not always what I want, but what I need. He always astounds me, does overly, abundantly above all that I could ask or think or imagine. What’s my response? I thank Him and then play out the same scenario the next day as if I am stuck in the old classic, Groundhog Day- replaying the same day over and over, yet not learning the lesson.

God never fails.png

Instead of “when all else fails”, I need to replace this with “God never fails”.

  • I will be expecting answers.
  • I know He will meet all my needs.
  • He won’t relax His hold on me.
  • He is always present with me.
  • Even when I don’t see it, He’s working.
  • All things work together for good for me. I’m called according to His purpose.
  • He always provides a way out. He won’t give me more than I can bear

Today, instead of “when all else fails”, say this aloud, “God never fails”.

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