Enjoying the Moment- Podcast Episode 36

Do you feel as if your life is going by in a flash? Do you wish it would slow down so you can actually enjoy your blessings? Join Kathleen and her hubby Jerry sharing stories and points about settling down and being present in the moment. They certainly haven’t perfected it. In fact they share successes and failures. Grab a cup of coffee and listen to their practices, past and present.

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Show Notes:

  1. People are more important than things.
  2. God blesses us with material things to share them.
  3. Don’t wait for everything to be perfect before you participate.
  4. Keep your mind engaged in the moment.
  5. Time and engagement are important.
  6. Being present is a mindset.
  7. Get in the pool with your kids. Take the nature books on the hike.
  8. Being present is generational. If you have the habit, your kids will have the habit.
  9. Build critical thinking by having kids retell an event. It’s a habit of building memories.
  10. Kids want your attention no matter what age they are.
  11. Don’t be a sideline parent.

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