Defining Family Book Release and a Giftaway of Defining Home

“In Defining Home, Kathleen Guire compassionately conveys the story of Adelina, a Polish orphan waiting for adoption. It delves into the world of sex trafficking in a way that will make your heart grieve and yearn for justice. A page turner, I read it in one sitting because I could not put it down.”- Jessica Batten (Marion County Public Library)


“I found this an extraordinary novel in which the plot and the psyche of the narrator are completely meshed with no false steps and no veering off he the scene or the plot, both of which are delivered with fully professional control and focus.. The use of “definitions,” quotations of great poetry, the character of the professor, the tie-in of child sex trafficking with the hideout from the Nazis in the zoo–all contribute to a great vision of good and evil. The history and character of Poland and the Polish soul are there but do not seem to be separate or “scenery”. I recommend this book for anyone at any level and especially for young adults with parents reading over their shoulders. Bravo!”- Dr. Kenton Craven

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Maybe you didn’t know I wrote a novel and here I am releasing the sequel, Defining Family. Truth is, I’m just learning about marketing. It’s scary to put myself out there. I can get behind this book and the next because it speaks to something I am passionate about- ending human trafficking.You probably can’t get many teens to read a handbook on human trafficking, so, I wrote a novel- make that two. Read the first chapter of Defining Home here. If you want to know what a few teens think about Defining Home, you can listen to our podcast on the subject.

Episode 32

On to the giftaway! I’m giving away five Kindle copies of Defining Home this week, one each week day.

How do you enter?

Easy Peasy!

Share this post on Facebook and leave a comment! Enter each week day for more chances to win.

Could you leave me a review if you win? Or even if you don’t and you decide to purchase the book. Thanks in advance!

*One winner selected per week day!


Defining Family is available for pre-order. Click on the above image to get your copy! Releasing November 1, 2018!

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