What Sunlight Does for My Body

* by Jessica McHugh, NASM – CPT

In this week’s podcast, Kathleen and I (Jessica), talk about the importance of outdoor activity for our families. We touched on the subject of Vitamin D and the ever-growing number of people who are deficient of this vitamin. An increase in indoor working hours, the lack of outdoor activity for most people, and the overuse of sunscreen have contributed to a skyrocketing number of people experiencing health effects from this deficiency. Myself included.

Winter is not my jam. My body cannot stand the frigid cold, and my body NEEDS sunlight. The never-ending gray days of winter leave me with severe fatigue, joint pain, and seasonal depression. I try to sit under an infrared light as much as I possibly can, but it’s not the same as the sun at all.

We were very blessed with an amazing week of weather last week, so I was able to work outside in the sun for at least 60 minutes a day, and my body responded so very well! I went all week with the most energy I’ve had since last fall. I didn’t need my usual afternoon nap like I tend to require when the skies are gray. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

I know my body, and I know it needs sunlight to function well. All of ours do. It is the way our bodies are designed. Isn’t it crazy that the best way to absorb Vitamin D cannot be found in a supplement but can be found by stepping outside, baring our chest & arms, and letting the warmth of the sun work its magic?

I know that there are times where the sun is not accessible. So what do we do then? We listen to our bodies. We rest when our bodies need rest. An infrared light can be a great asset if your body is rebelling because of the lack of sunshine. I bought mine at Tractor Supply Company. But honestly, GET YOURSELF OUTSIDE.


Want to hear more about this topic? Grab a cup of coffee and join us on this week’s podcast:

Episode 72

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