A Month of Journaling

“Journaling! It’s a mindful practice that’s been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, so naturally, there is massive pressure to be good at it.” – bustle.com
Maybe you have tried journaling and you think you’re not good at it because you don’t know what to write or you didn’t journal every day. Guess what, there really is no standard for journaling. It’s a tool. You wouldn’t tell your snow shovel it’s not shovel-y enough. You just shovel snow with it right?
On The Whole House Facebook page, Instagram, and the podcast we’re going to journal through the whole month of February! So grab a journal (it doesn’t have to be fancy unless you want it to be) and join us for these four weeks of journaling.
Our weekly topics are:
Making Sense of Your Feelings Through Journaling
Plan Out Your Vision/Goals Through Journaling
Journaling Your/Your Child’s Triggers
Using Journaling to Plot/Plan an Article/Book

Really want to try journaling but you feel as if you are terrible at it? Here’s a great article to start with – “11 Journaling Tips For People Who Are Absolutely Terrible At Keeping A Journal.

As we say on The Whole House Podcast – “Are you ready?” Join me Monday for “Making Sense of Your Feelings Through Journaling.”

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