Making Sense of Your Feelings Through Journaling

This week we are going to focus on using journaling to sort out of feelings. Gone are the days of keeping a diary where we write down the day’s events with a healthy dose of our feelings on the events. As women, we often bury our feelings for the sake of getting what we need to be accomplished. It doesn’t matter if we are tired, hungry, or anxious, we just do it. Been there. Lived there. And that’s okay. We have to set aside our own interests for those of our family. It’s what we do. Except for the fact that burying our feelings for too long can affect our health.
“When we do acknowledge them, we swat them away with mantras learned since childhood. (“Mind over matter,” “get a grip” and “suck it up” are familiar ones.) Thwarting emotions is not good for mental or physical health. It’s like pressing on the gas and brakes of your car at the same time, creating an internal pressure cooker.” –
In order to be healthy mentally, physically and, emotionally, we must find a middle ground. We must learn how to do the things well and still acknowledge our feelings without letting them rule us.
Here’s your assignment for today – write down how you felt in the most hectic moment of your day – was it frustrated? Angry? Hurried? Happy? Prayerful? Be honest. Don’t hold back. Focus more on recording what was going on at the time. We’ll work more on making exactly what you were feeling tomorrow.

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