There is No Perfect Time

 Whoever watches the wind will not plant;
Whoever looks at the clouds will not reap.
Ecclesiastes 11: 4

The Proper Time

There is a proper time for everything, right?  The English like their tea time.  Hobbits enjoy first and second breakfast.  Catholics and Protestants alike worship at church on Sundays.  Jews observe the Sabbath on Saturday. Engagement precedes marriage.  A career follows education.  This is the way of things, is it not?  After marriage comes children?  It is the proper time.  The wind is right.  The bank account has a cushion.  The house/apartment purchased (mortgaged).  It is the Monday morning of perfect times when all resolutions begin.  The sky is clear.  The winds are fair. Then…

The sky falls in.  

The job market takes a dive.  Lay-offs.  A sudden illness.  Medical bills. A leaky roof.

Hitler invaded Poland on September 1, 1939 on a Friday, the day of preparation for Sabbath.  While the Jews made preparations for their Holy day and commanded day of rest, the tanks rolled across the border.

Sunday morning December 7, 1941 the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, hours before personnel awoke to prepare for duty or Sunday service.


There is no perfect  time.  As I sat in Sunday service and listened to missionary Jodi talk about the orphans craving to be noticed, wanting to be loved, in her beloved Indian orphanage, I thought about the state of the world affairs and the nation.  Now is the time.  There is no better time to adopt an orphan than in the midst of moral, spiritual or physical upheaval.  Normal isn’t coming.  

“There will always be a complication, a crisis, or what looks a legitimate reason to wait.”- Holley Gerth

When Jerry and I adopted four siblings, the threat of Y2K loomed in front of us.  Friends and family stocked up on food and water for the apocalyptic-agrarian society the computer failure would catapult us into at the stroke of one second past midnight on 1.1.00.

Stop waiting for everything to be perfect.  It won’t.  Ask God to open doors that no man can open and close doors that no man can shut.  There are souls in the balance.  I don’t want to post pictures of chunky-faced-sparkly-eyed-orphans or foster children and play the emotion card.  I challenge YOU.  Pray about it.  Don’t check the weather or the crops.  Just ask God what His itinerary is when the wind is not right and the sky is cloud covered.  It may rain blessings of children on you and your family.

Or if you aren’t called to adopt/foster, ask God what He would like YOU to do. Everyone has a purpose. Everyone has something to do. Sometimes we have a dream and we put it off because of the times. Don’t. I’m not talking about a dream of winning the lottery. Maybe your dream is lead a group of women in Bible study, or bake cookies for shut-ins, or lead a small homeschool co-op, or write a book. Whatever it is, don’t wait for the perfect time. There is no perfect time.

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