A Positive Adoption Story


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Kathleen shares the theology and reality of adoption in this compelling memoir. She weaves the story of her traumatic beginnings into the narrative, along with the adoption of four of her children. Added to the fabric of the story is a healthy dose of the lessons she learned along the way.


“Positive Adoption is a very touching and moving memoir. The vulnerability and authenticity of the author draws you into the story she shares. A story that is woven with bits and pieces of her childhood, early parenting and international adoption process. It contains loss and love, fear and bravery, defeat and triumph. It’s a journey of redemption and understanding. Following the author through her own transformation can serve to inspire the reader to pursue a personal understanding of purpose and meaning. In the pages of this book you will find encouragement and hope as well as heartache and sorrow. Kathleen unashamedly shares that throughout each of her life experiences she has come full circle and attributes her joy, contentment and peace to the personal relationship she has with Jesus Christ. I would highly recommend this book and was challenged both personally and as a member of the global community. This is just one story of how adoption can be a positive experience and I pray that many more stories like this come to be told.” – WorshipMeister

“I love hearing people’s stories! As a fellow adoptive parent I especially loved the Guire’s story of adoption. Kathleen delicately weaves her own troubled past with her journey to her four polish children. By the end of the book you see Katheen’s story come full circle as her children’s begins to unfold. As Christians we are adopted into God’s family and the Guire’s story shows how adoption here on earth mirrors the adoption of our heavenly father. She doesn’t shy away from telling the hard parts with the good parts while still respecting her adoptive children’s past.
I highly recommend this book to everyone who wants to understand better how adoption fits into God’s plan of redemption and to anyone who loves a good story.”- Martha Mason

“What an excellent book for anyone considering adoption!! The author does well to explain the process of adoption and encourages you that adoption can be positive. It explains things also that the children may be experiencing through the process, and why they may behave in certain ways. It is very full of wisdom for the adoptive parent, and for parents in general! It also speaks on a deeper level as the author explains tragedies from her past. It can help anyone who is dealing with grief, rejection, and clearly explains God’s spirit of adoption with us.”- Maria Casto

“A wonderfully written story that beautifully blends her childhood, the adoption of her children and God’s grace available to us all. It is not just for those affected by or considering adoption. It is also a great read for all who have interest or seek a different view of our heavenly adoption into God’s family.”- Allison Horne

“I couldn’t put it down and stood up way too late finishing it! It really gave me a unique perspective on adoption. There were definitely some tear jerkers and laughs throughout the book. I wasn’t ready for it to end.” – Jennifer Donati

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