Six Risk Factors

“A scar is evidence of a wound, but also evidence that we can heal.”- Scott McClellan   I didn’t think it would be this hard. My child’s behaviors are out of control. He got kicked off the school bus AGAIN. He keeps punching kids in line. The whole house is like a war zone. I [...]


Adoption and Valentine’s Day

Adoption. It used to be just a word to me. I had no idea what it meant. This Valentine’s Day, I think a post on adoption fits. Adoption is a pure form of love instituted before the world began.   What compelled me to board a plane, fly to a foreign country and adopt strangers? [...]

Moms, You are the Boss and the Employee

Episode 7 of The Whole House Podcast is available! Kathleen and Amerey discuss home administration and how usually when you're a mom, you end up being at the top and the bottom of the totem pole. Seriously, we do it all! We're jacks of all trades! But sometimes it is too much! We encourage you [...]

Mothering When There Are Obstacles

Do you feel as if you can’t get around or over the obstacles in motherhood? Do you  feel as if your God-sized dream of Motherhood is similar to running a gauntlet? You’re not alone. There are obstacles in pursuing any God-sized dream. Obstacles don’t mean you are on the wrong path, it often means you [...]

Mom Habits 3 Week Course

Are you a Mom? Do you struggle with forming great Mom habits like getting dressed in real clothes and making food? The struggle is real people! We know! We are Moms. The Whole House Team is offering a three week Mom Habit Course starting February 19th. For each of the three weeks, we will work [...]