Defining Home

I haven't done a lot of promotion for Defining Home. I've been busy and caught up in other projects. My social media director (Lori) says I need to start promoting my books here. So, today, I'm sharing the first chapter for FREE. Right here. Right now. The truth is I'm almost finished with the first draft [...]


The Guire Adoption Story

I stepped off the plane into gray. It looked gray. It felt gray. Jerry and I dragged the kids through the empty airport to retrieve the luggage and then outside to hail a taxi. Neither of us said a word. I wasn’t a world traveler and I never expected another country to feel different, but [...]

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day Part Two

  "West Virginia’s drug epidemic may be leading to increases in what’s called “familial sex trafficking.” Family members trading sex with a child in their family for drugs or money. But spotting the problem and prosecuting the offenders is very difficult.   That’s because all forms of human trafficking, whether for labor or sex, are severely [...]

When Resolutions Fail

It’s only ten days into the new year and we planners, those of us who resolve to do all sorts of good things may already be feeling a bit off. I’m a planner. I make goals and lists and I am pretty good at following through. But, that’s not what I want to talk about. [...]

Human Trafficking Awareness Day

On episode 2, The Whole House ladies delve right into a serious subject, Human Trafficking. Be sure to listen in as we share a bit about Kathleen’s new novel, Defining Home, a thriller involving orphans, kidnapping and human traffickers. You won’t want to miss this one. Host Carly takes us into the dark world of [...]