25 Days of Thriving Through Christmas An Advent Devotional for Adoptive and Foster Families – Coming soon!

If you have adopted or foster children, this is for you. If you have a special needs child, this is for you. If even thinking about the busy Christmas season coming in a few months makes you break out into hives, this is for you. If you're thinking about skipping the festivities altogether because it's just [...]


Three Myths About Parenting that Keep us Trapped in Worry and Guilt

"Soul shaping is hard work. Often planting these seeds pushes against your own selfishness. Excellence requires that you cultivate and uphold your own inner standards in a world that makes concessions." I used to think that there were major sins and minor sins. Sins that were outwardly visible or labeled 'bad' were the ones to [...]

Connecting While Correcting

Do you feel as if you are always yelling at your children and they just don't listen? Do you feel distant from your children? As if you are wounding their spirit every time you correct? Are you wondering how to navigate this road of parenting without anger? Without that feeling of distance?  Do you want [...]

Investment Parenting with Co-Regulation

Susie, a friend of mine (plus foster and adoptive Mom) shared a conundrum she had recently while teaching four year-olds during Sunday school class. A new little one melted down and hid under the table. She had no special instructions for the little one and wasn't sure how to handle it. You see, there is [...]

Colombian Hosting Program

If you've ever considered adoption from another country, this is for you! If you have thought about adoption, but just aren't sure it's for you, this is for you. If you have adopted/fostered and and want to encourage others to do the same, this is for you! If you are interested in giving a child [...]