Apple Picking at the Guire Shire

  Yesterday was a perfect day for apple picking. I've been a bit under the weather since my vacation trip to SC, too much doing and not enough being. I struggle with this. I want to get 'er all done, only half the time, I spread my efforts so thin that I don't accomplish much [...]


My Typewriter Journey

I sat at my desk waiting, while the  little circle on the computer turn around and around. The words seemed to be on a two minute delay. I shut the laptop and went on to something else, frustrated and at a loss. I had been working on two, no three writing projects. That moment, I was [...]

Why Adoption Matters

It's in the dark, pre-dawn hours. The orphanage is quiet and I am awake. I can't get back to sleep. I fluff my pillow and sit up in bed, leaning against the iron frame of the bed. Sleep hasn't come easy this month that we have lived in the orphanage. I am running on adrenaline [...]

Faith Without Works (Three Word Wednesday)

My Bible slipped off my lap as I tried to balance it and my journal and write at the same time. His faith cooperated with his works? His believing what accounted to him as righteousness? What are you trying to tell me, Lord? My mind flashed back to the Jeff Cavin's teaching CD (The Great [...]

Word for 2015

I was walking through the neighborhood, it was unseasonably warm for the middle of December and I decided to pray about my word for 2016. As I began my prayer, the word SACRIFICE  immediately came to mind. I brushed aside and prayed again. Certainly, that wasn't the word for me. I would rather have a [...]