Five Things E-Course

I’m a mother of seven, four through adoption. I’ll skip the fancy bio to tell you, I’ve been where you are, dear friend.

I’ve been stuck in the waiting period. After the adoption, I’ve been judged. I’ve watched my children flourish, regress, and cycle through those over and over. I’ve lived in chaos when my triggers and my kiddos triggers met head-on.

I’ve gone from being the okayish parent in the church to the bad parent. 

I’ve “counseled” with more adoptive/foster parents than I can count. I’ve led workshops for CASA, teachers, counselors, ministries, and knocked on church doors until my knuckles are raw. Why? There are so many misconceptions out there. Adoptive/Foster families feel isolated and alone. 

I’ve created the e-course to start the conversation. I’m praying dear friend, that this helps you continue the conversation with your family, friends, and churches. 

You can join the course for just $27. Not sure if it is for you? Click on the text “Yes, I want to join the e-course” to preview a free module!