Embrace the Privilege of Saying “YES”!

  Ever think about how many times you say no to your children? Do you feel guilty for always saying no? Does it seem to cause the child to misbehave more when you are constantly saying no? Children from hard places are often in survival mode. They want to control their environment because it gives [...]


Peace in the Process and Thanksgiving!

Kristin Taylor is guest posting today, visiting from kristinhilltaylor.com. Kristin is the author of Peace in the Process The same year my middle-child Ben was born and adopted into our family, our small group from church started a tradition. I’m not sure we knew it was going to be a tradition, but this group – [...]

National Adoption Month – A Few Words on Orphans

November is National Adoption Month! I’m doing a giveaway of 25 Days of Thriving Through Christmas on Facebook and Instagram. One book for Facebook winner and one for Instagram! Find the posts and tag three friends to get your name in the drawing.  The Whole House Team will draw and share the winners, live on [...]

Investment Parenting with Co-Regulation

Susie, a friend of mine (plus foster and adoptive Mom) shared a conundrum she had recently while teaching four year-olds during Sunday school class. A new little one melted down and hid under the table. She had no special instructions for the little one and wasn't sure how to handle it. You see, there is [...]

Colombian Hosting Program

If you've ever considered adoption from another country, this is for you! If you have thought about adoption, but just aren't sure it's for you, this is for you. If you have adopted/fostered and and want to encourage others to do the same, this is for you! If you are interested in giving a child [...]