25 Days of Thriving Through Christmas An Advent Devotional for Adoptive and Foster Families – Coming soon!


If you have adopted or foster children, this is for you.

If you have a special needs child, this is for you.

If even thinking about the busy Christmas season coming in a few months makes you break out into hives, this is for you.

If you’re thinking about skipping the festivities altogether because it’s just too much, this is for you.

 If you want your children to enjoy the Christmas season and learn the true meaning of Christmas, this is for you.

if you’re craving a silent night, full of peace and goodwill towards your kids, this is for you.

Our adopted kids first Christmas at home was magical and overwhelming all at the same time. Music. Family. Church Events. Caroling. We just didn’t know where and when the triggers would show up and send them into meltdown.

Welcome to your twenty-five day countdown and survival guide. Raising children from hard places is challenging. Surviving the holidays with a smile on your face while parenting is even more challenging, that’s why I wrote this handy little Advent book. Don’t stress. It’s not a huge to-do, not more than a paragraph or two each day. Easy peasy and encouraging. So, take a minute each morning and read. This year, let’s not just survive the Christmas season, let’s thrive!

Every year  the calendar flips to December and we parents hit the ground with skis on and head down the slope to things to do and places to be before that magic goal day on the calendar, December 25th. We want to focus on the real meaning of Christmas, the birth of the Savior. We may have a depth of understanding of the season that our children do not see. They deal in the tangible of what they can see until the spiritual foundation is raised. Some of us are parenting hurt children who have come from hard places and have no foundation of celebration. Christmas activities may seem strange or act as triggers for their past. This thriving  tip devotional is full of practical suggestions to help with some of the anxiety of season and make it more joyful for children and parents alike.

25 Days of Thriving Through Christmas.png

25 Days of Thriving Through Christmas, An Advent Devotional for Adoptive and Foster Parents is designed to read during the month of December with four chapters, one for each week and daily short devotionals with practical tips of how to thrive through the holidays with kids from hard places. After each tip is a Biblical application for Mom and Dad. This book is your guide to thriving through the Christmas holiday!