Coming up with an Idea

LIke I said yesterday -I’m super excited about this week! If you did all three weeks of assignments, YAY YOU!

I’m proud of you for priming the pump yesterday. Did you get all sorts of things on paper? Are you ready to come up with an idea for an article?

How do you come up with an idea for an article? 

The best way to come up with an idea for an article is to find something you struggle with yourself. Your topic can be something you have overcome (even if you have setbacks) or something you want to overcome publicly, such as a health challenge. If you think all the people who write about time management never struggled with it themselves, you’re wrong. Most people write, teach, or speak about struggles they have overcome, not practices they have always been perfectly performing. So, if you are thinking, I can’t write about anything because I have too many problems. Problems are the inception of overcoming. If you have nothing to overcome, you can’t be an overcomer. 

Here’s one way to find a topic:

Look through your journal. Find something you have written about a lot. One reoccurring theme in my journal when I had seven kiddos at home was my rising early for morning prayer time. I wrote about it a lot. I prayed about it a lot. I wrote down scriptures. It became a huge “overcoming” project. 

Do I get up early now? Yes, I usually get up at 5 am to pray, study the Bible and then write. Do I do it perfectly well every day? Nope. Do I do it well most of the time? Yep. Was it a struggle for me. Totally. I cried big hot tears on the days I missed my Bible and prayer time. It was a need for me that I had the power to meet and didn’t many times. Would I consider myself an overcomer in this area? Yes! Did I do it myself? No, way. I am only able to do what I do because I am self-sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency.

What’s one thing you have struggled with?

Find something in your journal or think about something you have talked about to your friends a lot. It doesn’t have to be theologically deep. Maybe it’s like (one of my examples) making breakfast, or giving up drinking soda, or doing something fun with your family once a week. Ruth Soukup calls this your “felt need.” Guess what, if you feel it, then someone else out there does too!

Once you narrow down what felt need you’re going to explore in your blog post, then it’s time to give practical, and easy to follow, advice addressing and hopefully solving that need. If your post gets them closer to their desired result, then they will remember you forever as an expert of the topic at hand. The thing is, learning something is what drives people to read blog posts in the first place, so why not entertain but also educate your readers at the same time. Doling out easy-to-follow, practical advice, that addresses your readers felt need is just one element each post needs to incorporate.

Ruth Soukup

Is your brain working now? Has an idea popped into your head?  Once you have something in your head, write it down. Write down all the thoughts you have about it whether it flows or makes sense or not. Do a complete brain dump! 

Three Ladies Blogging

I used to think my children would stay young forever. I thought there would always be another tea party, another puppet show, another story to read. When they grew up, I was shocked. Flabbergasted as if it happened over night. One moment I was combing unruly little girl’s curls and wrestling them into pink bows and the next minute we were discussing dating and then those girls kissed me goodbye. Life is not static. It moves. Ebbs and flows. As soon as you think you have something figured out, it changes, like a chameleon.

Some Positive Changes Ahead

My Three Girls(click to read more) have always been poetic souls. Readers. Writers. Watchers. All three of them.

It seems like yesterday that Amerey was doodling her name in my journal, all crooked and swirly. And Audrey wrote stories all day long about other worlds and other languages. Now they are all grown up with families of their own. Not only do they have families-they have ideas, wisdom, knowledge and something to contribute on Positive Adoption. Yep. They are joining the team and the youngest lady- Ania continues in her role as photographer.(pun intended if you remember rolling film)

Amerey, husband Seth and daughter, Cecilia

Amerey Campbell is the second of my seven children. She is a wife and mother and lover of Jesus. Amerey’s days are filled with chasing a toddler, laughing with her husband, trying Pinterest projects, cheering on the WVU Mountaineers, and reading books. Her favorite things are sunshine and chili. If you could only use two words to describe her, they would be music and mercy. She’s probably writing most of her posts on her iPhone while her daughter hides the clean laundry under furniture.

Audrey's family
Sam, Audrey, baby Pip, Lucy, husband Adam, Theoden

Audrey Simmons is a fun person. She is the oldest of  my children,.Her experience in helping  raise six siblings shows in her stunning Mothering and wife skills. She has four amazing small humans (two identical ones) living in her house, as well as one husband. She is a creative thinker and always has n project going on for her children. She shares deep and witty conversations with her husband. A top-notch advice giver, Audrey often exhibits her multi-tasking skills by having many conversations at once via the Internet. She speaks fluent toddler, and is a praise worthy writer. If you are ever looking for her, she is usually hiding out in her kitchen in the morning drinking coffee and eating a Cadbury egg.

Amerey is blogging every other Thursday, starting tomorrow!

Audrey will blog on Tuesdays starting April 28th.

I will continue to post on Mondays, Wednesdays, every other Thursday and occasionally Fridays.

Three ladies blogging.

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