Five Minute Friday:: Send


I opened the red front door and watched my daughter drive away to her new life. The remains of her wedding littered the front lawn. The huge white canopy. Bright colored fiesta ware with pieces of carrot wedding cake strewn across the tables. Some of the guests moved inside to escape the heat. Children race around the house chasing puppies, happy to be free of the restraints of sitting still and being good.

Send- my children into the world with what? All the years of our lives intertwined. All the days. The hours. the memories. The books read aloud. The discussions. The meals. Day after day. The laundry. The cleaning skills. The organization. The arguments.  The days gone wrong weaved into the days gone right.

1935107_1203126727925_6956380_n Audrey's wedding

Was it enough? Yes, It is always enough when Jesus is part of the growing up. We plant seeds. He waters. We watch. We see the growth. We enjoy the harvest. We send it out for others to enjoy  and enjoy it ourselves.

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Five Minute Friday:: Welcome

Five Minute Friday - 4

I stood at the end of the tube, waiting. Holding my breath. Then I saw them. Stumbling. Tired. Weary. From the tube of the plane that had carried half of my family. My family. My four new children carried on the wings of a Lot airliner from Poland. Safe sound.


The welcoming committee greeted them with smiles. Brother. Sisters. Cousins. Aunts. Uncles. Friends. All waiting to Welcome them home. A new home. A new beginning. A new family.

Back at home in a hospital was my dear Bud, Step father. Guide. Advisor. A machine pushing breath in and sucking it out. All of us willing him to live. To be healed. Praying. Hourly. Stuffing our belles with food so we couldn’t think about the dying. The word no one wanted to speak. Spirit leaving the body. A shell left behind.


I wonder if his journey was the same. The tube. Faces. Friends. Family. Welcome. Heaven. One family joined on earth. Another rejoined in heaven. Two welcomes in one week. One leaving. Four staying.

Five Minute Friday:: Prepare

Five Minute Friday-Pop on over to, get the prompt and write for five minutes. No stopping. No editing. No perfecting.


Put oup the tree. Light the candles. Read the readings. The Word speaks of the Christ child born in Bethlehem.

Fire up the ovens. Roll the dough. Cut with cookie cutters. Bake the Christmas cookies.

Go to mass. Sing Silent night, Holy Night.

Wrap the presents. Hide them in the closet where everyone can find them.

Eat breakfast together and read the Word again. Angels. Shepherds. Glory to God in the highest and peace on earth.

Make a gift. Smile while you work and think of the receiver. Acting liek the Christ child. Giving. Giving.

Gather round the tree. Sing. Carols- more than one verse. Lungs swoosh air in and out making the sounds of preparation for the savior come to earth.

Prepare. Heart. Soul. Mind.

*this is the Christmas of my childhood. The month of December was full of Advent readings and mass, keeping Christmas present secrets from my siblings!

Five Minute Friday::Notice


i squealed out of the driveway, late, only to whip it into drive and zoom back down. Left the front lights on. I yanked the keys out and jerked the car door open with my shoulder, “be right back, need to do something!” I yelled over my shoulder while my son asked what he could do to help from the passenger seat. “Nothing! I got this!”

We were on the way to a Thanksgiving feast to celebrate. I was running late and had spent the morning scurrying around trying to get the house perfect for the potential buyers who were touring while we were out.

I got to the first stop sign in our neighborhood and tapped the brake, before I sailed through. Then, I noticed her. My elderly neighbor pushing his walker through soggy grass towards her mail box. I kept going. The ice. I saw the ice. Around the mailbox. She would walk there. I don’t want to stop, Lord, I am in a hurry. I have had a lot on my plate lately. 

I jerked the car into reverse. I had noticed. I couldn’t let her get hurt. I could see her, in my mind’s eyes, slipping, shattering bones. My aunt had just fallen and broken her hip the week before. I backed haphazardly and jumped out of the car saying, “I don’t want you to slip! It’s icy out here.”

“I know, they should do something about that! Thank you!”

I handed her the mail and got back in the car.

“You did your good deed for the day, Mom,” my son said.