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CZ4A0190Kathleen Guire

Administrator and Primary Writer

Hi, I’m Kathleen. I wish we could sit out on my back deck and have a cup of coffee. I’d tell you my story and you could tell me yours. I do not do well with surface chit chat, so I’d get down to the deep stuff right away. I’d tell you about my heart for orphans.

Over thirty years ago, I married my soul mate, Jerry.

God planted a dream to one day adopt in both of our hearts. Fourteen years and three biological children later, the adoption dream sprouted into reality.

We traveled to Poland to adopt a sibling group. After spending five weeks in Poland, four of them living in the orphanage, we flew back to the United States. After a second trip the four new Guires came home.  We were suddenly a large family.

My room in The Whole House is hospitality, adoption, foster care, family and the equipping, educating and encouraging women!

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Amerey Campbell

Marketing Director

Amerey’s Room- Helping Mothers find their purpose. Teaching other Moms how to be Moms.

“I do it” projects.

Amerey is saved by God’s great grace, and is a wife to Seth and a Mom to three amazing little girls. She is a stay at home mommy who is passionate about helping other Mommies. She spends her days sorting socks, reading books to tiny people, and drinking her cold cup of coffee whenever she finds it (again).

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Jessica McHugh

Wellness Director

Jessica is a daughter of God, wife, mother and entrepreneur – in that order. Her room has, at times, been her stronghold. This has left her feeling obligated to share her struggles along with her victories to help others attempting to overcome the same hurdles. She specializes in helping women practice self love through movement & self awareness. It took her a long time to see herself through the eyes of Christ and if she can shorten that duration for others, she’s living her purpose.

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Lori Shaffer

Social Media Director

Lori Shaffer is married to her childhood best friend, Jacob.  She is a stay at home missionary and homeschool mom to their three children.  She is passionate about advocating for teen moms and women and children that have been abused and giving them hope and encouragement.  Most days she can be found drinking coffee, working out with Kathleen, or hanging out with her family.

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