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The Whole House Podcast  covers adoption/foster care, homeschooling, parenting, health and home projects! The Whole House- Health, Home and family all in one place! We’re glad you’re here! We compare our team to the rooms in a house, each has a different purpose and our gals each have different giftings. With that our ‘rooms’ make up a Whole House.

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If you’ve chosen to homeschool, then you know a lot of planning goes into starting a new school year! Kathleen homeschooled for twenty-one year and Amerey is starting year three, so they share lots of tips and tricks to make your school year run smoothly. Such as: knowing your kids’ strengths and weaknesses when choosing a curriculum, being sure to teach life skills as a part of school, choosing a schooling style to fit your family. Most importantly, be flexible

The Whole House Podcast  covers adoption/foster care, homeschooling, parenting, health and home projects! The Whole House- Health, Home and family all in one place! We’re glad you’re here! We compare our team to the rooms in a house, each has a different purpose and our gals each have different giftings. With that our ‘rooms’ make up a Whole House.



Episode 32: Defining Home (As Told by Teens)

In this episode, Kathleen discusses her novel with a couple of the teenagers in her life. Listen along as Alec and Rebekah give you a glimpse into this book, the characters, the plot, and their perspectives as pre-readers and revisionists for the book. As a novel about a girl in adolescence, the target audience of Defining Home is teenagers. Of course, we hope this episode piques your interest no matter who you are! We hope you will grab a copy and read it, cliffhangers and all, before the second book in Adelina’s story is released in September!

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Episode 31: Feigned Feminism Part 2

In today’s current culture, Christians often get a bad rap for words like submission and respect. Things get thrown out of context. Amerey and Kathleen tackle what true feminism by looking through the eyes of Jesus.

Listen to how Jesus responded to women instead of how culture has treated them. We can’t hang the character of God on the hook of history. We must study His character by examining His ways, the written accounts of His actions.

Theology + Evidential Method = Truth

Therein we will find Biblical Feminism.

The gals discuss the historical setting of the Roman empire and the value of women in the time period verses how Jesus valued women. Jesus not only valued women, but he gave them a seat at his feet.

Fast forward to the  evolution of feminism in our country and why it is important to fight for women in other countries who don’t have the same rights as we do.

Vi Bella Jewelry is one of the organizations that does this well- Our whole mission at Vi Bella Jewelry is centered on providing a path out of poverty for our artisans and a deep desire to form a community for them that is encouraging and prayerful. The employment that Vi Bella artisans are given creating jewelry, accessories, and hand sewn goods also creates more beautiful lives for them, their children, and their communities.

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Episode 30: The Gathering

Ladies, we are so excited to announce a live gathering for The Whole House Family (that means you)!

When: September 8th, 2018 from 9:30am- 4pm

Where: Trinity Assembly of God, Fairmont WV

Theme: You Were Made to Thrive!

How do you sign up?: Get your tickets here! Spaces are limited, so sign up now! (Cost is $30 plus small fee for Brown Paper tickets).


The Whole Team will be sharing!

We shared about The Gathering on our podcast this week.

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Episode 29: Interview with Seth Campbell -Working With Kids From Hard Places

Amerey interviews her husband, Seth, about working with kids from hard places. They discuss unique educational experiences and Seth’s work at Chestnut Mountain Ranch, a Christian home and school for boys in need of hope and healing.

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Episode 28: Love and Respect in a Marriage

Kathleen has a special guest, her sister, Anne Jones! The ladies talk about love and respect as it pertains to marriage. Gals, we need love and our hubbies need respect. What does that look like? Give us a listen and hear part of Anne’s story of her near marriage catastrophe and how learning about love and respect saved their marriage.

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Episode 27: Feigned Feminism

Amerey and Kathleen ask some important questions – what is real feminism? Are women created equal? What is the origin of feminism? It all began in the Garden with a serpent. Join these ladies as they talk through these questions and get a little goofy along the way. (There may or may not be some singing in this episode.)

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Episode 26: Working Through the Seasons of Marriage

Jessica and Kathleen talk about the different seasons of marriage. Consider it the prelude to our Marriage Habits Course! (Find more about this and how to sign up on our Facebook page!)

We are constantly entering new seasons in marriage – when babies are born, homeschooling, teens, and empty nests. Each time we have to make adjustments and pivot. If we don’t change to meet these new seasons, we can get stuck. We must evolve and make transitions to keep our marriages healthy. It’s important to get education, support, and encouragement from married women who have more experience and years of marriage under their belt, and Jessica and Kathleen want to offer it!

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Episode 25: Kids from Hard Places and the Summer Schedule

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Kathleen and Lori talk about the changes in schedules for the summer season and how it can cause problems for a child with sensory issues or past trauma.

Summer means cookout food, staying up later than usual, and different experiences than usual. And sometimes that can be the perfect recipe for disaster for a family with adopted kids, kids with sensory issues, or kids on the autism spectrum. The Whole House ladies have a little bit of experience with this and want to offer some tips and tricks to make the summer go a little more smoothly for everyone!

Episode 24: How and Why to Have a Family Camp

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Amerey and Kathleen talk about the ins and outs of having their very own family camp every summer. It all started back with Camp Watermelon, and began as a way of a grandmother to get all her grandchildren together for a week. It’s evolved into Camp Lemon Lime, and now it is her great-grandchildren and extended family! A family camp could be your perfect summer activity and it can be as simple or extravagant as you want it! Amerey and Kathleen talk about how the Guire family does a family camp and how you can do it too!

Episode 23: Transitions in a Mother’s Life

Episode 23: Kathleen and Lori talk about transitions and changes in the life of a woman, specifically for moms. Doesn’t it always seem like as soon as you get used to something, it changes?! We know that’s usually how motherhood is! Kathleen and Lori have been through every transition from pregnancy trimesters to elementary school-aged kids to adult kids. Grab some coffee and join us as we offer you insight and tips and tricks to make all the transitions just a little bit easier.

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Episode 22: Summer Fun on a Budget

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Amerey, Carly, and Kathleen (and Glenna) kick off the summer with a quick discussion about vacationing and having fun when you are on a budget! We firmly believe that you can create a fun summer for your kids and family without a huge budget! The ladies share their favorite stay-cation ideas and activities, including local parks and library activities, as well as camping and swimming! We hope you are inspired to go have a fun summer without needing to spend all your money!

Episode 21- The Guire Adoption Story with Audrey

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Episode 21: Carly and Kathleen interview Audrey (Guire) Simmons on her perspective, as the oldest biological kid, of the adoption of a sibling group of four from Poland.

Audrey offers unique and introspective opinions and stories of experiencing the adoption as an 11-year-old. We love her perspectives on visiting the orphanage in Poland and how the trip impacted her life. We also love her perspectives on how her new siblings impacted her life.

DISCLAIMER: We left this episode un-edited! This episode was recorded in a house with 4 adults and 9 children under the age of 7. We got some comedic interruptions on this day, so we decided to give you a taste of what it would be like to record a podcast inside of a daycare. We hope you enjoy! We sure did!

Episode 20 – Moving out of Your Comfort Zone

Kathleen and Jessica talk about moving out of your comfort zone and pursuing God-sized dreams. They talk about pivot points and seasons of life. Each pivot point sends us in a new direction. Do we do it afraid or do we remain where we are. Jessica talks about opening Soar, her fitness studio and why she finally took the leap. Kathleen talks about her seasons of God-sized dreams, children, adoption, homeschooling and her current season- The Whole House and writing. Jessica speaks of a death of a loved one made her rethink her current path and become a pivot point. Kathleen shares a similar story. Grab a cup of coffee! Get ready to pursue your God-sized dream with The Whole House!

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Episode 19- A Mother’s Guide to Mother’s Day

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Amerey, Ashley, Carly, Kathleen, and Lori talk about Mother’s Day (from a mom perspective). Not that we have forgotten about the women who gave us life, but we wanted to discuss what the holiday means to us as moms ourselves. We talk a little about our perfect Mother’s Day and setting realistic goals for celebrating! We even share Mother’s Day fails (in case you thought our lives were perfect)! We encourage you to find a way to incorporate a little bit of self-care and self-love into your holiday this year!

Episode 18: Homeschooling as a Lifestyle

Kathleen and Lori, homeschooling Moms, discuss how their families began their journey into homeschooling.

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Kathleen and Lori, homeschooling Moms, discuss how their families began their journey into homeschooling.

Between these two ladies, there are decades of years of experience with homeschooling their children of all ages. They want to share their stories and insights, offer you tips and tricks from their own troubleshooting, and encourage you if you are considering/are already/have any interest in homeschooling!


Episode 17- Marriage and Homeschooling with Megan Wright

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The lovely Megan Wright joins Carly and Kathleen for a discussion (that could have gone on for hours) about marriage, homeschooling, and how both make up Megan’s ministry. When these three ladies get together, there really is no topic off limits! Grab a cup of coffee and join us here at The Whole House!

Episode 16: Kathleen sits down with Ciarra McCartney!

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(If this name sounds familiar, that’s because it is! You can find an interview with her mom, Molly, on Episode 12!)

Ciarra McCartney is a teenager and budding author who was adopted through the foster care system. She shares some of her realities of growing up in a broken home, placements in foster homes, and finally being adopted.

We hope you enjoy Ciarra’s wisdom, self-awareness, and eloquence beyond her sixteen years. As always, thank you for joining us here for The Whole House podcast!

Episode 15: Moms Being Their Own Advocate

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Amerey, Carly, and Kathleen talk about some of the ups and downs and dealings of being a young mom.

We think every mother will encounter moments where they will have to speak up for themselves or else be misunderstood/taken advantage of/manipulated. We share some (spoiler alert: truthful and raw) stories of times when we have had to advocate for ourselves or our babies, with family members, medical professionals, or strangers. We’ve been there, and we want to encourage you in those possibly tough situations.

So grab a cup of coffee! Wash those dishes! Walk that trail! And thank you so much for joining us here at The Whole House!

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Episode 14- Intro Reboot! Meet Ashley and Jessica!

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A double-feature!! Get to know a little about our two new team members, Ashley and Jessica! In these back-to-back episodes you get to hear from our two new ladies about who they are, what they care about, and the passions they will be bringing to The Whole House! We SO look forward to sharing more from Ashley and Jessica, as well as the rest of The Whole House team!

You can find Ashley’s page here.

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Episode 13- Learning to Love Littles Well

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Amerey and Kathleen talk about learning how to understand and work well with toddlers, little kids, and kids with lower emotional ages. Do you always know how to express your feelings? We, as adults, can’t always answer yes, so how can we expect it out of our littles?? We aren’t preaching from perfection, we just want to offer tips to helping little kids with big emotions regulate and adjust their behaviors appropriately.

 Episode 12: Hug a Social Worker! With Molly McCartney

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Kathleen has a short and sweet discussion with Molly McCartney, who holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work and is also a Certified Trauma Therapist and Adoption Therapist.

March is National Professional Social Work Month, and we want to celebrate by sharing a little bit of Molly’s journey through working with horses, becoming a social worker, and then adopting. We discuss Molly’s unique and super cute private practice, The Beacon Barn (find more info at as well as the importance of trauma-informed therapy in adoption.

Also, keep an eye out for an upcoming episode where we speak with Molly’s daughter Ciarra! You won’t want to miss it!

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Episode 11- If You Give a Mom a Hammer!

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Amerey, Carly, Kathleen, and Lori discuss how they do hobbies and projects as moms! We share helpful tips to help you keep doing hobbies you love after having kids, and to help you find new things to do to keep your creative juices flowing as a mom! Whether you have a newborn or teenagers, we know you need an outlet from meeting everyone else’s needs and we want to encourage you find one! As always, we thank you so much for listening! Please be sure to subscribe to stay up-to-date on our podcasts!


Episode 10 – The Superpowers of Motherhood

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Moms, did you know you have superpowers? Maybe you don’t feel like it today. We understand. Here’s some good news. You do have superpowers.
One of them is the power of your powers is influence.
Influence is “the capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of others,” according to


Episode 9- The Habit of Celebration

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We talk about making celebrations habitual, be it Christmases, birthdays, or just doing laundry!

We discuss catering celebrations to fit your families, your circumstances, and your budget! We offer solidarity and encouragement to make your days full of meaningful celebration!

Episode 8-  Six Risk Factors

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On The Whole House Podcast Episode 8, Lori and I talk about a tough subject. The Six Risk Factors that create a child from a hard place. We don’t like to think that children come to us with trauma in their history. We adoptive/foster parents wish it weren’t true. When we pretend the past trauma doesn’t exist and see the behaviors glaring at us every day, we have to put those somewhere in our scope. In our file cabinets in the brain. We file them under  blame ourselves for the way that they are behaving. Sometimes others do. Or we can learn and grow. We can learn what trauma does to the brain. What it does and how to help the kiddos make progress.




Episode 7 – Moms, You are the Boss and the Employee

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Episode 7: Kathleen and Amerey discuss home administration and how usually when you’re a mom, you end up being at the top and the bottom of the totem pole. Seriously, we do it all! We’re jacks of all trades! But sometimes it is too much! We encourage you to set realistic goals and expectations and give a glimpse into a healthy way to be the boss and the employee of your home! Be sure to subscribe to stay up-to-date on our podcasts! Please follow our Facebook page, The Whole House, and on Instagram @the_whole_house Thank you so much for joining us!



Episode 6 – Mothering When There Are Obstacles

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Episode 5 -Nurturing Your Children when it Doesn’t Come Naturally

We recorded this episode after one of our live coffee days and this was the topic!

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Myth- You will always be pleasant and sweet and feel that way!

Carly- Sometimes we don’t want to take care of someone before ourselves.

We don’t realize until we have kids how selfish we are until we have kids.

Kathleen- We have an ideal of serving others as long it is the parameters we set. Example -serving a few hours out an outreach.

If you want learn how to be unselfish, have children.

Amerey-Media- Mom is dressed and ready when kids wake up. Make up one.

Three year old wakes up before everyone. It’s hard to get up and be purposeful. I want to be the selfish mom.

Carly- Hubby has fallen into the trap of turning TV on. It takes some retraining.

Kathleen-Myth- People assume that if you stay at home, your home is organized. YOu are joyful. You have makeup on.

The idea that we don’t get frustrated in our jobs is a myth.

Other women who have careers get frustrated in their jobs.

Carly- Why do we think we shouldn’t get frustrated in our jobs?

Amerey- We think we shouldn’t get frustrated in the home with our kids. Or out in public. We begin to think there is something wrong with our kids

CArly- We share the best parts of our day on social media. So, we compare our normal day with the best parts of someone else’s day.

Kathleen- Five  minutes of everything going right. The kids are behaving. We have a cup of coffee and we take a photo. We post it.

Amerey- While we are posting it, the kids have a break down

Carly- Here’s the thing. I only follow people who take the good picture and post the bad picture too.

Amerey- I followed DIY people and thought I had to clean my house and have it perfect first.

Carly- How do you help yourself be the best person you can be?

I didn’t take time for myself for a year and a half. Take time for yourself.

Watercolors. Sand some wood.

Amerey- The thing to remember – this doesn’t mean time to zone. This means body and soul refreshing. Don’t just zone and forget about things.

You need to come back filling like a better person. Refresh your mind.

Read a book that speaks to you.  Paint. Knit. Focus on yourself mentally.

Carly- Sometimes the best thing is to let the dishes go.

Kathleen- She is right. Refurbishing something is de-stressing for me. The Bible speaks of renewing our minds. When act like our creative self, like God designed us to be, we are renewing our minds.

The liturgy of the Ordinary

Find Christ in the ritualistic things you do every day.

A Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp

Intentionally look for God in folding laundry

Kathleen- God takes the mundane and turns it into something glorious

We have to be intentional. We can become lazy spiritually just as much as we do physically. We must be intentional about looking for Christ.

Amerey- Something else you can do- after you have set aside time for yourself. Set aside time to spend time with your child.  We forget our child needs time with us. Sit on the floor and read every book they bring to you.

Kathleen- God usually requires us to do the opposite of what we want. After a move to a new town, I experienced circumstantial depression.

Hug each child every day. Do something fun with each child every day.

Amerey-We became close that year. Family game nights every night. If you don’t have a year like that, you need to set aside time when your focus is on your child.

Carly- Would you like to look back twenty years later and try to find good moments or would you rather count them along the way.

Kathleen- The lesson from the hard year- God is going to require you to intentionally nurture your children, even in your deepest, darkest, hour.

Carly- God calls us to holy work.

Closing Remarks


To Nurture your child you must Nurture yourself.

Set aside time to nurture your child. Intentionally.

Episode 4- Parenting Against The Grain

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Have you ever wondered why we are stay-at-home moms? Or maybe what we do all day? The Whole House ladies discuss their lives and choices as stay-at-home moms and share why they consider themselves to be parenting counter-culturally, or “parenting against the grain.” Find more about us and our ongoing caffeine-fueled lives at, on Instagram @the_whole_house, or on Facebook at The Whole House!

Episode 3- The Guire Adoption Story

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Episode 3: The Whole House ladies give you some insider info and unique perspectives on the adoption of 4 Guire children from Poland. You can find Kathleen’s book, A Positive Adoption Story: The Door from Theology to Reality here (soon-to-be re-released with a new subtitle, cover, and study guide!) Grab a cup of coffee and laugh with us! Even cry with us! We love this story of adoption and we hope you will too!


Episode 2-National Human Trafficking Day

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Podcast Notes for Human Trafficking Episode 2

Sex Trafficking

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day -January 11th

  • Definition of Human Trafficking-the action or practice of illegally transporting people from one country or area to another, typically for the purposes of forced labour or commercial sexual exploitation.
  • When we each became aware of Human Trafficking

Carly, Kathleen, Lori, Amerey

Defining Home by Kathleen (Sex Trafficking)

  • Sex Trafficking targets the hidden and the voiceless
  • Myths About Human Trafficking:
  • Human Trafficking does not occur in the United States. It only occurs in other countries.
  • Human trafficking victims are only foreign born individuals and those who are poor.

“Success lies in the effort, not the attainment.”- Gandhi

What can you do?

Different Types of Slavery

  • Prostitution too normalized in the media and on TV
  • Hidden Girl by Shyima Hall
  • Housekeeper and Slaves (Labor Trafficking)
  • Nevada is the only state in the US where prostitution is legal


Seek out someone to have a conversation with and live counter culturally.

Grab your copy of Defining Home and read it with your teen!

Episode 1- Introductions

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The Whole House Podcast Episode 1: Introductions! Show Notes:

Meet The Whole House Team


Each member of The Whole House Team takes a turn introducing themselves.


Kathleen Guire

The Whole House Administrator

Author: Positive Adoption: A Memoir, Five Things A Tiny Handbook for Adoptive/Foster Families, 25 Days of Thriving Through Christmas An Advent Devotional for Adoptive and Foster Parents,  

Defining Home

 Adoptive Mom

Encourage. Equip and Educate other Adoptive/foster parents

ETC Parent Trainer


untitled-13.jpg Amerey

Amerey Campbell

Marketing Director

Kathleen’s daughter

Mother of three girls

From a family of seven children

Second oldest

Passion- Helping Mothers find their purpose. Teaching other Moms how to be Moms.

“I do it” projects.


Carly Jones

Host of Podcast, Revision Team, Book cover design

Mother of Judah

An accidental stay at home Mom

Eradicating Human Trafficking

Do it yourself projects


Lori Shaffer

Social Media Director

3 children

Heart for abused women, teen moms, women and children who have been abused

Moms of kids with special needs

Youngest son has SPD

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Amerey Campbell

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